About us Tate family

Founded in Spokane, Washington in 1992, Tate Technology Inc. continues to provide superior consignment and turnkey electronic manufacturing for a vast array of industries. We have had the opportunity to expand our capabilities to include ultra fine pitch BGA’s and leadless surface mount components making us a leading manufacturing source of complex circuit board assemblies.

Continue reading and you will learn about some of the industries we support as well as some of our specific services and capabilities. Please note that our experience is not confined to just a few fields. We have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of companies, large and small, worldwide. To learn about our executive staff, click here.

Customer service and support Customer Service

At Tate, we are profoundly committed to unrivaled customer service. Our job is not finished until you are completely satisfied. This dedication goes far beyond the current project, as our goal is to build a lasting relationship that lives on for years to come, through projects big and small, and everything in between.

In addition to our heroic customer service, our team is tirelessly committed to superior quality. You can rest assured that our service and support teams will do everything it takes to ensure you receive the highest quality product, the first time, every time.

Quality Pledge:
"It is the policy of Tate Technology, Inc. to consistently provide products and services to our customers that always meet their stated requirements and their quality expectations. Earnest application of our Quality Management System strengthens our business and our customer satisfaction. We are continually improving our Quality Management System and our customer satisfaction by effectively using metrics to gauge our quality level and by immediately and proactively addressing any quality issues as they become apparent."

Primary markets circuit boards
Key capabilities include:
· New product and concept development
· Full product assembly
· Sub assembly
· Printed circuit board assembly
· Prototypes, (some in as fast as 4 hours)
· 3-4 day 100 board production lead time
· Material procurement
· Rapid ECO implementation
· In-house testing
· Turnkey electronic manufacturing support
· Depot repair and rework
· Final enclosures, packaging, and shipping
Industries we serve:
  • · Automotive
  • · Telecommunications
  • · Security systems
  • · Medical devices
  • · Consumer electronics
  • · Military devices
  • · Aerospace
  • · Industrial

Key competencies competencies

Taking a project that may not be completed in terms of accurate BOMs and drawings to where product can be built is a competency that we provide to our customers. By utilizing our assistance on the front end, time and cost can be reduced substantially. We excel in achieving the shortest time from prototype to production and from low volume production to high quantities. We convert incomplete customer document packages to those that are suitable for manufacture. We prompt customers when history indicates inventory levels of finished goods or components are low. We thoroughly understand and follow the IPC standards for electronic assemblies and frequently share our knowledge with our customers.

Facility specs facility

Tate Technology resides in a modern office building built in 1977 near downtown Spokane, Washington. The facility has ample 480V 3 phase electrical service, gas, city sewer, and city water. We have multiple T1 lines for data in the building. The building is fire monitored, sprinkler-ed, tilt up concrete walls, fully air conditioned and well elevated from the surrounding paved parking areas. We own and occupy most of the 38,000 sf building and the 60,000 warehouse building next door where we have the ability to store customer’s finished goods.