Services & Capabilities


Production Production

Tate Technology is your one stop solution for turnkey contract electronic manufacturing support. We work with you on your project from inception to distribution, handling your project just as if it was our own (and it is!)

As your project and your company grows, we can take the lead in advising and coordinating with you as you transition to higher volume off shore production facilities, and as your product’s life cycle draws to a close, we can seamlessly help you reload your product into our local production plant.

Off-shore sourcing is a huge step for all companies. The coordination of key benchmarks including source qualifications, inventory, scheduling and labeling between the client and the production source can be overwhelming.

For all of our customers, throughout their product’s lifecycle, we are committed to being your turnkey supplier to ensure you have the buying power you need to remain competitive in today’s crowded marketplace. You may see others refer to their services as “box build”. To us, it a full turnkey service - the way we do business! We are here for you from beginning to end, and can provide you with custom fulfillment, assembly, and project management.

Prototypes Prototype

Not only can Tate Technology solve all of your standard production needs but a core part of our business is rapid prototyping. Whether your lead time requirements are measured in weeks, days, or even hours, we can efficiently solve all of your prototyping needs. The same team members within our Customer Solutions department that quoted the job will be directly involved with manufacturing ensuring that any questions that arise are handled quickly. Feedback from the prototyping process can be provided to your team to ensure that any DFM issues are resolved before the next stage in the product development life cycle.

Plated through-hole (PTH) PTH

Since our inception Tate has been assembling boards using plated through hole components. Whether your board requires hand or semi automated component placement, or mixed technology placement, our team has the vast experienced required to bring your boards to life.

Each board we produce is rigorously visually inspected for solder joint quality and proper installation. Any irregularities are quickly repaired in on rework and repair depot before delivery.

PTH assembly capabilities include: Component hand placement; Component lead forming; Light assisted semi automatic insertion; Ionic contamination testing; Flex circuit assembly; Axial insertion; DIP insertion; PEMS and standoffs; Conformal coating; No-clean soldering; and Water wash

Turnkey contract manufacturing PTH

Deadlines are important and sometimes clients need a solution that would require less processes and management. We are committed to being your turnkey supplier to ensure you have the buying power you need to remain competitive in today's crowded marketplace. We are here for you from beginning to end, and can provide you with custom fulfillment, assembly, and project management.

In addition to turnkey contract manufacturing, we also offer the capability to perform consignment manufacturing. This is specifically important when your product relies on a highly specialized component or contains intellectual property. From obtaining materials to packaging for production, we offer flexible models to fit your needs for quality service.


Our advanced Amistar pick and place surface mount assembly machines allow us to continually produce high quality boards with great efficiency. Even after you’ve received your production boards, our experienced staff is always available to take care of your rework and repair needs for years to come.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) can be placed on both sides of printed circuit boards, and also integrated with thru-hole components for your more complex two sided applications.

SMT assembly capabilities include: Offline setup before run; Ball Grid Array (BGA) and uBGA; Auto I/C and axial component installation; Fine pitch screen printing and placement down to .015 (.4mm); 0402 component placement; 0201 chip components; Quad adhesive dislarge penser; Odd form part placement; Mixed technology; Mil-spec; Reflow oven; Dual wave soldering; Multi card assembly; Electrical verification of passive components; Complete testing and analysis; X-ray equipment for repair and inspection; and Full rework and repair depot

Mixed technology, printed circuit boards mixed tech

How difficult is it to find manufacturers who can provide plated through hole (PTH) and surface mount technology (SMT) assemblies on both sides of the board? We specialize in producing mixed technology printed circuit board assemblies.

While our competitors may shy away from these more difficult build projects, we know that combining multiple assembly methods can give you the best end-product that meets your development needs.

Box-Build mixed tech

Some projects require an exact circuit board design or terminal block. Others are more sophisticated and would require customization due to variables involved. But rather than contracting different components to many manufactures, we also offer box-build solutions, the complete assembly of a customer's finished product.

From drilling for conduit fittings to installation of connectors for internal wiring systems, we can help you through all phases to assemble a complete box. Assured, all installations are carefully assembled with thorough inspections before delivery.

Quality control and testing X-ray

Tate Technology can provide various forms of assembly testing along with component, product and final system burn-in and solutions to meet your project requirements:

· Electrical verification of SMT component placements
· Automated optical inspection systems
· BGA X-Ray inspection
· Boundary scan test
· Flying probe testing
· Functional test systems
· Burn-in capability

X-ray X-ray

X-Ray inspection capabilities:

· X-Ray
· Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
· In-Circuit Testing (ICT)
· Functional Certification Test (FCT)

There are many steps required in the manufacturing process to make a successful product. One of which, is x-ray inspection - usually on advanced electronic packages. This service is important for efficiencies in the design and manufacturing of electronic products, especially on troubleshooting of electronic assemblies.

Rapid prototype turnaround Values

At Tate, we hear this comment a lot. Technology growth remains phenomenal; time-to-market increasingly critical. You will want a manufacturer that is flexible and easy to work with. Manufacturers must be able to respond quickly to changing production and market demand conditions through every product life stage. Tate will move your product through each stage quickly and seamlessly.