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The LIGHTINING B Hay Moisture Monitor measures the amount of moisture in hay as it is being baled with continuous readings on the console in the cab of the tractor. This helps the operator to know when either to add preservatives or to stop baling if the hay is too wet.

Our New Auto Start/Stop Model With our new model, you can have your applicator automatically start and stop based on the moisture content of your hay. With a few key strokes, you program the set point for your dry or liquid preservative applicator anywhere between 9 and 37 percent moisture. You control the application rate as normal, but you get the applicator to start and stop based on need, not based on you being able to remember to switch it on and off.

It's All Automated... The LIGHTNING B Auto Start / Stop switches on your applicator after 5 seconds of continuous readings at your set point. It switches off when the reading is continuously below your set point for 30 seconds.

Applicator compatibility

With Leading Applicators, the LIGHTNING B Auto Start / Stop unit is compatible with most applicators for both dry or liquid preservatives operating on 12 volts DC, 20 amps such as Dohrmann, Nutritional Blending, Valmar, and Agco.

Benefits to hay producers monitor sensor

Provides Consistent Quality
Automatically adding preservative based on your choice of moisture level ensures the quality and integrity of your hay. Using patented sensor technology of 2 stainless steel bars 8 inches long and 2 inches apart, LIGHTINING B measures 16 square inches of the bale at all times, thus averaging cut stems, leaves, wet slugs, and avoiding wide swings in your monitor's display as common with other sensor types.

Increases Efficiency
Know your hay moisture as you bale without stopping to probe. Eliminate the guesswork of what probe readings to ignore. Operators can thus keep their focus on baling and other equipment priorities.

Reduces Costs
By only applying preservative when it's really necessary, your preservative costs are reduced.

How LIGHTNING B works monitor sensor

1) Mount the sensor on the pressure side of the plunger to assure the hay is compressed.

2) The sensor signal is read 5,000 times per second and the monitor averages 20,000 signals and updates the display every 4 seconds. This allows you to know the moisture in your hay across uneven terrain and varying drying conditions.

Display Readings
The display reads moisture between 9 and 37 percent. The display has two brightness levels for night and day use. The connection between the sensor and monitor is a standard RG-11 coax cable.

Installation monitor sensor

Monitor Installs on Dash

• All mounting hardware, templates, and wiring are included.

Sensor Installs in Bale Chamber
• It takes about 30 minutes.
• Drill 3 holes.

The connection between the sensor and monitor is a standard RG-11 coax cable. The fused connection to your tractor battery is provided in the installation kit.


"I have 7 balers, each with a LIGHTNING B Moisture Monitor and I curse my LIGHTNING B nearly every day I bale because if I want to quit for the day, it won't let me or if I need to continue into the night, it makes me stop. I trust it that much." - South Dakota


LIGHTNING B Moisture Monitors are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one year. Most 20 year old units are still in service today.

Ordering & Service monitor sensor

For inquiries, email:

Lightning B is a patented product and is manufactured by: Tate Technology,Inc

The product line has been sold to:

Augie Kooistra
6776 State Route 283
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Click on the link above to get service on your existing Lightning B units or to purchase additional Lightning B units.

Augies can repair or replace sensors, cables, or monitors.

The moisture monitoring technology will continue to be available into the future.