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Over 28 years of Electronic Manufacturing Excellence!!!

New SMT Equipment

Tate Technology is pleased to announce the purchase of three brand-new high-speed flexible placement machines and one brand-new chip shooter.

  • All feeders are capable of cut-tape without splicing

  • Carts are interchangeable

  • Setup offline with barcode traceability  

  • Removable 15-tray JEDEC elevator

  • Accuracy to 38 microns 

  • 01005's!


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Click Image to Enlarge

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New Koh Young Zenith 3D AOI Machine

  • Uses 4-way projection to minimize shadow

  • Defect diagnosis through real-time 3D data

  • World-class best selling system


New Ersa Smartflow Selective Solder Machine

  • Drop jet fluxer

  • High positioning accuracy

  • Top & bottom side pre-heat

  • Water soluble & no-clean flux technologies

  • Process monitoring camera

Two side sauder.jpg
KXLY Made in the Northwest
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