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  • Our innovative SMT equipment is perfectly suited for prototypes through medium volume production

  • With two top-of-the-line Dek paste printers and four game-changing ASM placement machines there are no jobs too small and only a few jobs too big for us to handle

  • Our three SMT lines feed a Nordson Yestech AOI machine and a new Koh Young Zenith 3D AOI in-line machine



  • We understand during product development that timing can be critical. Based on this we have staff, processes, and equipment to ensure ultra-fast turnarounds from the quoting stage all the way through production and shipping

  • Contact one of our dedicated Customer Solutions Specialists today to learn more about the unique features we offer to help get you products to market as fast as possible



Surface Mount Technology

  • We recently purchased three new ASM flexible placement machines each rated at 24,200 cph. The flexibility of these machines are what really make them stand apart; they can place 01005's up to 19mm tall components all with 38 micron accuracy

  • We also purchased a new chip-shooter capable of 45,300 cph for a combined placement speed of 118,000 cph

  • These four machines along with our high-accuracy printers and skilled operators allow us to build orders as small as one unit up to the tens of thousands all on the same equipment




(Plated Through Hole) 

  • Our large wave solder machine has 10 feet of pre-heat and a 2000 pound solder tank

  • Large thermal mass designs are no problem for our machine that we have dubbed the "battleship"

  • We can assist with wave solder pallet design for high volume projects that are either double-sided SMT or that have SMT on the solder source side

  • For lower volumes or components that cannot be wave soldered we have dozens of skilled soldering technicians; most with decades of experience

  • For medium volume projects we also have a new Kurtz Ersa Smartflow selective solder machine with both water soluble and no-clean flux technologies

Designer ux wireframe

Turnkey & Consignment Manufacturing

  • Our quoting, purchasing, and production processes can fully adapt to both consignment and turnkey

  • To prevent counterfeit parts we only purchase direct from the manufacturer or from franchised distribution

  • Many projects start as consignment then migrate to turnkey once the prototype and pre-production phases are complete

Mixed tech

Mixed Technology

Two side sauder.jpg
  • Having both SMT and PTH components on the same PCB can create unique challenges, especially with high thermal mass and RoHS products with SMT on both sides. Our new Kurtz Ersa Smartflow selective solder machine helps us overcome these challenges while providing high repeatability, quality, and throughput

Computer Circuit Board Macro
Box build


  • Box-build is our industry's term for performing higher level and often the complete assembly of a product

  • From managing the supply chain of machined, injection molded, and sheet metal parts to having the tools and skilled team members to assemble and test, we are well suited to build part or all of your products



  • Our real-time x-ray machine has a few miles on it but at 160kV is powerful enough to provide crisp, clear images of your BGA's and other lead-less components

  • Whether used internally for troubleshooting or process controls, or as a 100% customer requirement, our skilled x-ray technicians are ready to assist our quality and production department's needs

Circuit Board
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